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wt is grey box testing

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wt is grey box testing..

Answer / satish

Grey box testing is a software testing technique that uses a
combination of black box testing and white box testing. Gray
box testing is not a complete black box testing, because the
tester does know some of the internal workings of the
software under test. In grey box testing, the tester applies
a limited number of test cases to the internal workings of
the software under test. In the remaining part of the grey
box testing, one takes a black box approach in applying
inputs to the software under test and observing the outputs.

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wt is grey box testing..

Answer / saurabh

Grey box testing is the combination of black box and white
box testing. Intention of this testing is to find out
defects related to bad design or bad implementation of the
In gray box testing, test engineer is equipped with the
knowledge of system and designs test cases or test data
based on system knowledge.
For example, consider a hypothetical case wherein you have
to test a web application. Functionality of this web
application is very simple, you just need to enter your
personal details like email and field of interest on the
web form and submit this form. Server will get this
details, and based on the field of interest pick some
articles and mail it to the given email. Email validation
is happening at the client side using Java Scripts.

In this case, in the absence of implementation detail, you
might test web form with valid/invalid mail IDs and
different field of interests to make sure that
functionality is intact.

But, if you know the implementation detail, you know that
system is making following assumptions
• Server will never get invalid mail ID
• Server will never send mail to invalid ID
• Server will never receive failure notification for
this mail.

So as part of gray box testing, in the above example you
will have a test case on clients where Java Scripts are
disabled. It could happen due to any reason and if it
happens, validation can not happen at the client site. In
this case, assumptions made by the system are violated and
• Server will get invalid mail ID
• Server will send mail to invalid mail ID
• Server will receive failure notification
Hope you understood the concept of gray box testing and how
it can be used to create different test cases or data
points based on the implementation details of the system.

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wt is grey box testing..

Answer / ajay

grey box tesiting is a combination of both black box and
white box testing. The tester who has programming knowledge
can perform grey box testing.

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wt is grey box testing..

Answer / haroon ali

Grey box is combination of both black box and white box
testing,part of internal may be inspected but limited
modification is allowed.

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wt is grey box testing..

Answer / sudhakar8

Grey box Testing is the new term which evolved due to the
different architectural usage of the system. This is just a
combination of both Black box & white testing. Tester
should have the knowledge of both the internals and
externals of the function.

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wt is grey box testing..

Answer / rohit

Grey box Testing is New Technique. if the Tester is fully
aware the internal mechanism of the application so that he
will perform this Testing to find out the defect and
performance. This Technique is very useful when you have
short period of time for Testing.

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