what is Anonymous Method.? and

What is shadowing?

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what is Anonymous Method.? and What is shadowing?..

Answer / guest

methods with no names are called as annonymous methods

when two or more programing elements eg.a method has same
name that of other then one method is hiden and has no
reference this is known as shadowing

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what is Anonymous Method.? and What is shadowing?..

Answer / kavitha

Anonymous method - those method which does have any name and
type.. while declaration but its type is defined dynamically
depending upon the type the method

for eg-
int n = 0;
Del d = delegate() { System.Console.WriteLine("Copy #:{0}",
++n); };

shadowing - if two methods have the same name and
signature. we can hide the scope of one method to access
another method
using shadow keyword .

for eg - we can use tostring() method in our program by

Public Class Class2
Inherits Class1
Shadows Sub MethodA()
MsgBox(“Method A Class2 called”)
End Sub
Overrides Sub MethodB()
MsgBox(“Method B Class2 called”)
End Sub
End Class

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