how will you load the test cases in ddt?

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Explain the difference between smart identification and object identification withn clear example. please it is very urgent

2 Answers   Wipro,

How to take screenshots in qtp?

2 Answers   Sonata,

wt is the use of multiple questions in QTP

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I am sathish , i want to test the Application of ,Mobile Emulator ,by using QTP10.0. I am trying to do testing on that Application , but Child Objects are not identified by the QTP. Please can any one help me

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In an interview, what r the general questions asked in SQL which is realted to testing ?pls give me anwser to this question?

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write script to read and write data from file ?

2 Answers   HealthAsyst,

What is text check point and text area check point?

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How can we display the names of the buttons in the toolbar of a webpage

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Hi, I want to retrieve the cell data in the WebTable. For that I have defined a new test object under the browser and have given html tag and text as the test object properties. But while I try to identify it it says 'Object description is not unique'. I tried adding innerhtml, outerhtml, innertext and outertext along with the ordinal identifiers; but no use. What more properties need to be added to identify it? Also I want to enable smart identification for this object but the field is disabled in the object repository for this object alone(In QTP tools->object identification the enable smart identification checkbox is enabled). How do I enable it?

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I have a Webedit object. some text is entered in that object I want to know the font sixe of that text.How could I do this using QTP? This is a requirement for me. I am happy if any one help on this

3 Answers   GE,

A question was asked in a company-suppose, I am testing a website on QTP, all the time a new title bar is appeared on next page. Trying to use regular expression under key word driven testing but expert view is also appearing unchanged and error is also generating, do you have any best resolution for that kindly explain in detail. please dont give example of yahoomail, that is unable to clear my doubt.

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What is the use of "Define new test object" in QTP 9.1 When should we use? Explain?

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