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Yardi Interview Questions
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Difference between Cluster and Non-cluster index?

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how to find the second highest salary from emp table?

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please answer, What is the Gap Analysis?

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What is Defect Leakage?What Gap Analysis? What are the functioanl requirements to test the Software? What is Latency bug?

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What is Defect Leakage?What Gap Analysis? What are the functioanl requirements to test the Software? What is Latency bug?

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What is known issues?

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What is the difference between load testing and volume testing?

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What is the difference between static and dynamic testing?

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What is 'Shows stopper Bug'

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In SAP MM where the Material Master Data And Vendor Master Data Stored

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Geetanjali wrote by?

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Circumference of circle?

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Nationalism of Dalai Lama?

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Tolerate synonym?

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What does prefer mean?

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Un-Answered Questions

If 24 KVA AVR having Input voltage 200-400v, Output voltage 415+-1%, what will be the voltage if Load is 13A.


How much cum. Brick work can do by 1 madon


Suppose Idoc is struced in the Q then how can I resend it?


How to Get a handle on your files ?

697 many types of relays? 2.difference between ATS& STS?


What is Fixed threshold?


Hi All, i am Karthik and i have applied sor syndicate bank PO's post. I am an MBA graguate and i have 7 years experience in banking and mnc bpo. Will i get call letter for interview?. Pls let me know any tips to clear the interview. My ID is


I have completed B.E. Instrumentation & control in 2009. i have 3 year industrial job experience in chemical, I want to join M.E. in external. so, Plese say easiet way and good institute name.


Describe some problem that you had with automating testing tool.


do any one help me to get "C" license,, i have doubts ,,, if mediators ter pls call me,, my no is 8056640042


How we write a java script using RFT for the below scenario iam having dropdown list COUNTRY(it contains india,us,uk...) once we select the india in that list it will open the corresponding states in STATES dropdown list. i would like to change those values dynamically... can u pls send me the coding....


dg started in plc mode and load taken later one battery terminal connection will be disconnected by loose connection what will happen for dg and shall we connect battery terminals while dg in load time?


A commercial Building is designed with 14th floor levels with indoor substation of three phase transformer with rated capacity of 1000 Kva.The transformer delivered 65% of its rated capacity at 0.67 power factor lagging.Because of low power factor, the power customer was penalized and certain cost was charged accordingly based on every point percentage lower than 85%.This situation may repeatedly happen on the succeding energy bills of power customer.The power customer is desired to improve its historical power factor of 0.67 lagging and no further penalty be impose by the local power company on the next bill. Q: Identify the appropriate solution you want to offer to Client?.Justify SCIENTIFICALLY and MATHEMATICALLY the principles behind the solution.


Explain Foreign Direct Investment in Indian Business?


why you did'nt select in campus placement ?


Yardi Interview Questions
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