Can you tell me the differences between writing the VB
script manually for a application and recording the same
application in QTP , with a example?

Answer / ajreddy

to open gmail portal
Record and play back

Manager").WinListView("SysListView32").Activate "Mozilla

Browser("Yahoo!").WinObject("MozillaWindowClass").Click 263,41

2. Descriptive programing(manually) vb script ""


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I am using DataTable.ImportSheet method to import the data from an excel sheet to the Runtime DataTable of QTP. here is my piece of code DataTable.import("c:\DataSheet.xls","Members","Members") The first row headings of Members sheet of DataSheet.xls and Members sheet of QTp are matched. but the QTP is taking very long time(approximately half an hour) to import the data into runtime datatable even though the DataSheet.xls has one or two rows in it. Please let me know why this is happening and is there any alternative for impoting the data into runtime datatable of qtp ?

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