what is CTS?

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what is CTS?..

Answer / satyambabu

Common Type system Describes the datatypes that can be used
by managed in the run time .

it facilitates
* Cross Language integreation
* Type safety
* High performance and code Execution

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what is CTS?..

Answer / rajesh sharma

Common Type System is a set of rules and standard that a
language must adhere in order to a language compatible.

1) An integer variable in C# is written as int, whereas in
Visual Basic it is written as integer. Therefore in .Net
Framework you have single class called System.Int32 to
interpret these variables.
2) For the ArrayList data type .Net Framework has a common
type called System.Collections.ArrayList. In .Net
Framework, System.Object is the common base type from where
all the other types are derived.

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what is CTS?..

Answer / soubhagya ranjan mallick

CTS stands for common type system.

On .Net Framework there are several predefined libraries
are present which are common for all language i.e the
library which is used by vb.net the same can be used by
C#,common for all.because of this we can take lase
time,less space and so on . this concept is known as cts.

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