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what types of bugs will we find out in banking projects

what types of bugs will we find out in banking projects..

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i got job selection order from decon engg hrd,tamilnadu,india.they are also demanding me 2000 rs. & saying that after 3 day they will give me a joinig letter, there web site is & postal address is decon engg(govt. hrd)no-236 coimbatore -641044.I submitted my resume to them and after that they didnt conduct any interview... can i believe this or its just a fake..

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Why we call it as a regression test nor retest?

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What does the scope contain in a test plan

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How do work in Cilent server Application?

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List 5 words that best describe your strengths.

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Training for Manual/QTP Testing from 6 years MNC experience engineer, working in Patni with Project .Guranteed Job training else fee back in Mumbai-mail-- >amol.dhumalatrediffmail dot com

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can som1 can tell me that can two or more tester can be given the same project for testing such as unit, regression,UIT,retesting. suppose the project has 10 modules so can all the tester will be asine to write the test cases for same or for differt modules? and in one project how many testers of the same level can participate? plz answer it fast. txs in advance and in which phase we will do the retesting in stlc

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What is Risk anlaysis in software testing?

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What is the role of QA in a project developement?

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Guys, can any one of u give the realtime example for Regression Testing

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Hi, Can any one tel me what is meant by adhoc testing

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What will u do if u find a bug first time ? can i directly report to the developer ?

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