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What is JIT(Just In Time) and How it works?

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What is JIT(Just In Time) and How it works?..

Answer / shabbir hassan

First i would like to preach about the CLR(Common Language Runtime).Whenever we developed a VB.NET application then we involve two phase of application development.
1)When we write source code for the application.Create classes and objects,debug application and compile them etc..
2)When our source code really executed.
The span which takes place in the second phase is called CLR.
The CLR is a special runtime Environment.This run time is where the source code of an application is compile into a common intermediate language is called(CIL) or Microsoft Intermediate language(MSIL).
When the program is executed then (CIL) code is translated into the native code of the O/S using the JIT compiler.
That is JIT is responsible for compile,and create machine code of a source code.
Work of JIT.
1)Manage memory and resources.
2)Provide maximum throughput.
3)Manage resources & process bandwidth etc.

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What is JIT(Just In Time) and How it works?..

Answer / megha

JIT is a program which compiles MSIL to machine code,
without this .net has no path to machine code.
Standard JIT: It produces highly optimized machine code and
it caches the code in case it need to access
again.Compilation of IL to native code is very slow however
it produces native code very fast. To make it fast machine
use lot of Ram.
Econo JIT:This is designed for small system which donot
have lot of RAM.But it Produces the code which is not
optimal and also it donot cache the code.

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What is JIT(Just In Time) and How it works?..

Answer / rajeev

just in time is a compiler that compile msil to machine
native code that genrate exe file to execute application.

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What is JIT(Just In Time) and How it works?..

Answer / pankaj arya

JIT compile the native code, only that part of code will be
compiled which is needed, rest is not compiled untill not

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What is JIT(Just In Time) and How it works?..

Answer / pallavi jadhav

Just In Time compiler is another important term in CLR.This
means that take action as soon as request comes.This term
is taken form china people.They dontkeep anything in
inventory. So whenever a resquest for any item arises, they
purches that item & give to requester; this operation is
called as Just In Time.
The MSIL, which we canview using ILDASM, is passed to
CLR,When JIT encounters call to particular method, which
get converted into Native Code.
There are three types of JIT Compiler.
Standard JIT

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