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what is debentures

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what is debentures..

Answer / annapurna das

Debentures are like a promissory notes issued by the
companies.These can be called as the loan of a companies
which are incapable and insufficient with their amount
(capital)to start a business.They have to borrow some money
from outsiders and have to pay them certain rate of interest
and this is fixed rate of interest and whatever the amount
paid by the com is called a debenture.And the debenture
holders are the safest person because whether the com is in
profit or loss it has to pay a fixed rate of amount to the
debenture holder.

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what is debentures..

Answer / adil saher

Debenture is the document which the company issues for the borrowed amount to the lender is called debenture. It contains a contract for the repayment of a principal amount and interest at a specified date to the debenture holder.

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what is debentures..

Answer / ricky

debentures are so different types of luns which company put
into their tou investment teri maa the mari lun salaya jadai
ennu padde.

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what is debentures..

Answer / ashish pandey

An acknowledgement of debt by the company under its common
seal and undertaking to repay the principle amount with

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what is debentures..

Answer / kumar ravi

debenture is promise to the debitors by the company when
company doesn't have sufficent amount to run the
business,in this situation company issue debenture
surtificate to the debitors.debenture holders are given
first priority to pay back principal amount with certain
rate to interest.debenture holders are profiter/safer than
share holders

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what is debentures..

Answer / deepak tiwari

In law, a debenture is a document that either creates a debt
or acknowledges it. The term is used in corporate finance
for a medium to long-term debt instrument used by large
companies to borrow money. In some countries the term is
used interchangeably with bond, loan stock or note.

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what is debentures..

Answer / ramesh

a debentur is a document issud by a company as an evidence
of a debt from the company with or without a charge on the
assets of the company.

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what is debentures..

Answer / sankar saha

debenture is a kind of fund which is borrowed by upcoming
industrial house from the investors to set up their
business firmly and the company is liable for the whole
investment through the borrower with a committed bonus at a
stipulated time framed by the borrower.

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what is debentures..

Answer / deepak kanojia

Debenture is a short term loan facility and its also a
another mean of debenture that is "when company needs a
huge capital to start a business and its impossible to
company to stand such a huge capital. co. borrows funds
from public or financial institution, on which company pay
the fix rate of intrest is known as a debentures.....

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what is debentures..

Answer / barkha

Debenture is a document having seal of the company
indicating the accepting of debt of the company. Debenture
holders are creditors of the company

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