what is debugging testing?

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what is debugging testing?..

Answer / icsgupta

debugging testing means line by line testing.Advantage of
this testing to defect the problems during testing time.And
identify the defect of statements of programming.

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what is debugging testing?..

Answer / guest

Very good ICSGupta write Question also write answer for it.

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what is debugging testing?..

Answer / chowdary

Thanks for example......
keep going .........

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what is debugging testing?..

Answer / msnreddy

debugging nothing but one example: u have written 100 lines
of code but ur script is not executed properly .so then use
the debugging and check out the each and every line then u
can find the problem .

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what is debugging testing?..

Answer / kiran m

debugging the Program Lines either by Developer in the Unit
Testing (Developement Side) Or by Tester in the Descriptive
Programes like Automation Testing it's like Line by Line
Statement by Statement or Conditions or loops or Decission
Tables Execution depending up on the Functional Scripts.

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