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A. Compare the advantages and disadvantages of a three-
dimensional monitor using a varifocal mirror with a
stereoscopic system.

B. Write a routine to implement the polymarker function.

A. Compare the advantages and disadvantages of a three- dimensional monitor using a varifocal mirro..

Answer / anil yadav

A three dimensional display utilizes a varifocal vibrating
mirror which reflects the screen on a CRT. The varifocal
mirror is vibrated at a rate synchronous with creation of
frames on the point plotting CRT. A video source is utilized
of the type having red, green and blue outputs utilized for
normally creating color display. However, the coding is such
that what would normally be interpreted as red, green and
blue outputs of the video source are instead interpreted as
x position, y position and intensity information for a CRT
accepting x, y and i signals. A depth or z coordinate is
implicitly encoded in the video source at the position
within a single frame of the video source where the
corresponding (x, y and i) values are stored. This position
can be the relative position on a magnetic or optical disc,
or position around a magnetic drum. In one embodiment of the
invention a raster graphics system utilizing a frame buffer
is utilized. The frame buffer is divided into buckets, and
the particular bucket within the frame buffer where an (x,
y, i) display point is stored corresponds to the z value or
depth coordinate of that point. Techniques are disclosed for
interactive modification of three dimensional displays
utilizing the look-up tables and registers in a standard
raster graphics display system for achieving image rotation,
transformation, scaling, spatial windowing, intensity
windowing, cursor control, cursor inking, and blinking.

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