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Tell me something about ur school days?

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Tell me something about ur school days?..

Answer / andrew dexter

I used to go to Heolddu comprehensive school in the former mining town of Bargoed which is in the South Wales valleys.
I was there from 1980 to 1985.
I can still remember my very first day there, it was very daunting not knowing where to go and meeting new people.
I remember a crowd of us were in the yard and being told where to go, I was in Mrs Gardeners class, we were some what rowdy and I remember we were told off by Mrs Gardener and being threatened with the cain ''first day'' as she said.
Our head master was Mr Edwards and he was very scary as he was old school, he would come into assemblies in the morning with a long black robe just like he did when he was head master at Bargoed Grammer. He had quite a scary voice and once he shouted at you that was it. He had me in his office for swearing outside school hours, it was only a mild swear word I came out with, I was in the street with my friend Nicholas and I said it and I heard that voice and there he was behind me, good days.

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Tell me something about ur school days?..

Answer / shruti

Thank you for remembering me about my school life.My school days were very good. I had enjoyed a lot of each and every moment.That time I was very naughty. I was an average student. So teacher told me to focus on reading. so I had given maximum time to study.Sometimes teacher direct told to my parents if I did not get most marks.sometimes we friends played football and cricket together.I was not good in geography, so teacher every day asked me questions punished me.Every day I prayed to god when I entered the class.sometimes we didn't do the task, then teacher punished everyone.I enjoyed a lot of in my school life and couldn't get that life i think it was a golden period my life.i misedd it very much.

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Tell me something about ur school days?..

Answer / deepak lodhi

I completed my schooling from B.S.F school.
My school days were memorable ,I never forget these days .

I enjoyed my school life with my naughty friends they are awesome.

We learned many things from school.
We always ready to enjoy our life anywhere in school even library , chemistry lab, physics lab and computer lab.
I can remember all the teachers of my school.
They are not only teachers . They are our best friend.
My one of favourite teacher is Mrs. Seetesh Sharma.
She always support me.
I can't forget these days.

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Tell me something about ur school days?..

Answer / himanshu

Hi, my school days was awesome where I spent too many years . As I remembered, I used to go to school daily. I was a punctual guy. I studied there. I made so many friends. We enjoyed together. I really missed my school days bcoz there was such unforgettable memories that I can't forget in my life. I did my schooling 10 th and 12 th in same school.

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Tell me something about ur school days?..

Answer / triveni kankanala

I have done my schooling from aprs girls kodakandla.i enjoyed alot each and every moment of my life.
I think its a golden period of my life.
I should work hard to get more marks on subjects.
I was very naughty that time.
Its very good experience to me.

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Tell me something about ur school days?..

Answer / rohit kumar

My school days was very good.i remembered sometimes. My teacher were very good and some teachers. Were strict but they also good . When I was in 10th standard then I was last benchar in my class . It was same for me .so think I do study properly and I do very hard work for study and finally I gotten 8.6 CGPA out of 10 CGPA .I was very happy .I do study properly always and my 12th exam comes .I had good prepiretion for exam next day was my exam day . suddenly I injured by accident so I couldn't attend my exam then I fail in 12th .I was very sad .I didn't talk to any person . So it's my past school life . I can't forget it .I love my school life.

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Tell me something about ur school days?..

Answer / sirija

i completed my school from 1st to 10th in s.k school in my home town.
my school days were very good. i had enjoy a lot each & every moment at my school days.
i can never forget that days. i think that was the golden period of my life.
during school days i was too naughty. i can remember all my teachers
we learn many things from school.
i us participate in many circular activities like singing, dancing etc....
i am average student so think about my future & carrier etc....

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Tell me something about ur school days?..

Answer / vijay bharath

My school days are memorable in my life. I studied in Govt. high school, Thamaraikulam from 1st standard to 12th standard. I remembered all each and every friends and teachers. Still we are in contact each other. We also had a WhatsApp group.
Morning 9a.m Once bells rings, students make a line and stand for a prayer. In our school, there is some rules are there. That is, one guy should tell one proverb, another one guy should take care of today’s news. But I was the one who took a news reading part. That would have made me to newspaper reading habit. After that, I understand newspaper reading is a good habit. It was all happened in my 4th standard.
And one more thing, you don’t believe it, I was to be a school in charge in my 7th standard. it’s really funny to heard this. But it’s true. School in charge means I was the guy who open the school gates and class room doors. Because, I was the local guy. There is only 100m distance between my school and my home.
I could not take any leave. I was the first person to reach my school before anyone come and waiting in the gate. If I go to late, they will inform to their teachers. Because, school children don’t speak lie. So I need to attend every classes without any late comings. It’s really very hard to me to maintain the school keys.
Evening times, me and my friends were going to play kabaddi, Co-Co, some other funniest games we used to play in free times.
In my 5Th standard, I had a chance to go to Kodaikanal education tour. Till that time, I didn’t go to any other places before. It was a wonderful journey I had in my life.
It was a golden period of my life. School days are never come back. I really miss that life.

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Tell me something about ur school days?..

Answer / navya

At the age of 1 year my mother joined school to me.lkg to 5th class i studied nethaji english medium school in nellore.i did n't rember anything but i remember those incidents.i studied 5th standard one boy liked me very much.i was joining 6th class no body had joined with me due to i am 9 years old thats reason my parents increase my age to 12 years.i have mentioned above reasons i got a mininum percentage with 6 to 10th class.but school teachers are liked me very much.finally i telling my school life in one sentence in my school life no golden moments.

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Tell me something about ur school days?..

Answer / hilal

Oh my school days cant u take me for a tour again, atleast sooth my ears wth the morning prayer. I still remember mom whispering in my ears time to go school baby.have i done my homework used to be the first reaction after opening my eyes. Still remember that scary big shoes of aijaz sir by which he used to kick ur buttcheeks if found untidy while taking rounds in the morning assembly. And that uneasy, uncomfortable movement when asked to sit down on your feet and u find ways to balance yourself on one feet or the other. Waiting for the lunch time like that was our first and last meal. Oh my dear sunday u used to be my last hope. And who could forget the last class of Saturday. Enjoying little things and living in present used to be your whole day work. No future no tomorrow all i remember was the present. Being an average student used to get punished so frequently but after reaching home it was like nothing happened. Well every class mate act like a friend if u were either excellent in studies or u smell like piza. Being neither of these i still have two three friends wth whome i used to share my lunch only when they have something special in their food. On returning home throwing ur bag on the entrance of ur room acting like u have given the hell of a lecture to the university students and getting the sympathy of ur mom were the movements i would love to live again.

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