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ERROR: No logical assign for filename _WEBOUT.
WARNING: No body file. HTML output will not be created.

unable to fix it.plz help

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%STPbegin;%STPEND; ERROR: No logical assign for filename _WEBOUT. WARNING: No body file. HTML o..

Answer / ravi ayachitam

Before executing your code ,Go to options list --->go to
stored process

Please uncheck Force Streaming to Transient

Then again execute your program. You can able to execute
the stp.

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%STPbegin;%STPEND; ERROR: No logical assign for filename _WEBOUT. WARNING: No body file. HTML o..

Answer / rajesh


This is basically for creating the stored process; by using
this on the web portal we can give the client to see his
data in streaming maner. for this we have to write the code
in macros. so here _webout means it is not connected with
the webserver, so give the portal number of the web service
and start the Tamcat and xythos.

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