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What are the differences between Temporary Storage Queue
(TSQ) and Transient Data Queue (TDQ).?

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Explain cedf transaction commands?

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What is the use of the DELIGHT in Mainframes and whats is use of scope?

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what is the differences between getting the system time with eibtime and asktime command?

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What is an MDT (Modified Data Tag) - it's meaning and use?

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CICS and DB2 can exist in the same region under the Operating system (True or False)

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How do you delete Item 3 in a five-item TSQ?

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how can we differentiate between conventional and pseudo-conventional coding just by seeing cobol code?

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What is an ASRA abend ?

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Explain the difference between a package and a plan.

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What is the primary aspect of CICS?

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first when i try to write a record into the file, wresp=duprec, but follwed with that if i try to read the record it say record not fnd.. actually the record is not written in the file, but it says that duprec when trying to write... why this happens, pls help me asap..!

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What is the common systems area?

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