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Plz someone tell me about user interface testing and
backend testing and hw did u use it in ur project.plz give
a detail answer i need to explain it to the interviewer.
plzzzzzzzzz guys its urgent

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Plz someone tell me about user interface testing and backend testing and hw did u use it in ur pro..

Answer / rajendra

User interface means:

Which provides interface for the user to interact with
dack end functions,Database...etc

For example if u take : Yahoo mail.
after entering the Yahoo URL in broser address bar and
pressing on enter key the yahoo login page will be
displayed on the brower screen.

using this u can enter user id and password to loin into
the system.

if yahoo mail application is not providing login page,where
can u enter the User Id and Passsword.

so user interface is used to intreact with the system.
in yahoo mail login page user id,Password Text fields are
user interface elements,which allows user to enter User ID
aned Password.

If we come to backend testing:
Back end means the business logic(functions)server and Data

Testing back end testing means testing the code which
produces the output for the user input.

In Web based systems Browser acts as user agent and talks
with the server ,submits the user requests and displays the
server response.
In Client-Server systems a client tool which is prepared to
communicate with server acts as User agent to communicate
with server.

i think r u clear with my explanation

Rajendra Prasad Reddy

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Plz someone tell me about user interface testing and backend testing and hw did u use it in ur pro..

Answer / nitu

thanks rajendra.

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