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How to capture dynamic objects in qtp like mark up text

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How to capture dynamic objects in qtp like mark up text..

Answer / sanju

by usng smart identification method or by using descriptive

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How to capture dynamic objects in qtp like mark up text..

Answer / deven

To capture the value of a dynamic object in a web
application GetROProperty method is executed. In order to
capture the value of an object and that too of a dynamic
object then we will use the GetROProperty which means Get
Run Time Object Property and we need to decide which
property we want to capture. This can be text innertext etc.

I would list down a sample code for gmail to count unread
emails from any account.

Since the inbox count is dynamic and ever changing from
account to account i have used descriptive programming so
that this piece of code can be run for any gmail account.

The prerequisite is that you log in to your gmail account
and then run this script

This script prints the number of unread emails in the inbox.

inboxcount = Browser("title: Gmail.*").Page("title:
Gmail.*").Link("innertext: Inbox.*").getroproperty
If inboxcount = "Inbox" Then
Print "No Unread Emails"


emailcount = replace(inboxcount, "Inbox","") 'replaces
inbox with space
emailcount = trim(emailcount) 'removes all the spaces
emailcount = replace(emailcount, "(","")
emailcount = replace(emailcount, ")","")

Print "You have "&emailcount& " unread emails in your inbox"

End If

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How to capture dynamic objects in qtp like mark up text..

Answer / kiran


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