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I want to export the datasheet to excel.Instead of total
file it exports only data without headers.How to solve this

I want to export the datasheet to excel.Instead of total file it exports only data without headers..

Answer / ram

using "Datatable.ExportSheet" method

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distinguish between old version and new version QTP features.

0 Answers   CTA,

How to perform action on objects, If two objects have the almost the same name ? example : Object 1 : "Entry of Items" Object 2 : "Items" Whenever I ask QTP to perform an action on Object 2 it performs action on Object 1. Note: The two objects are present in an Oracle Application tree.

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CAn anybody tell me how can I use QTP to capture any video in my application?I want to see the video file opened in my application after the tests are completed in tests results.Can anybody help me?

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QTP 9.2, Issue: Creating Shared Object repository. I recorded 2 scripts. I exported the Object Repository to a shared location for the first script. Associated the exported repository to the first script and deleted the Local Repository for the First Script. Now Opened the Second script and try to Add the Local Object Repository of 2nd Script to Exported Object Repository. But I fail. Can anyone please help in providing steps that need to be followed in creating a shared object repository? Thanks in Advance.

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How you can write contexts to text file in qtp?

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how to do spell check in QTP? reply please

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In QTP, If you have list of checkboxes, how can i select a particular checkbox and delete if the checkboxes are changing dynamically?

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I have made the recovery scenario in script. When i am exceuting the script. it stop automatically after running recovery scenario. Please tell the resaon?

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I want to know what are QTP functons and what are VB script functions. What is the difference between them.When we have to use these functions.

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In qtp, how you can remove the spaces from string?

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i need qtp tutorial. pls send it to sridhar.k151@g

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what is the difference between window command and dialog command

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