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what is build and release and what is the difference b/w

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what is build and release and what is the difference b/w them?..

Answer / rajendra

Build and Release

Compiled application is called build.
Software build is a process of creating single executable
file from different software components.

Normally in software Development:

Development will be shared by team members.
Each team member will develop one module or part of the

These moduled need to be integrated and compiled in to
single system or executable file.

Making of this Build file may happen for several times
untill the complete software made.

Build file and releasing to Testing team or client is
called Release.

This release may be internal release to company or
external release to client.

Finally build is compiled software
Release is process of delivary.

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what is build and release and what is the difference b/w them?..

Answer / srinivas poodari

According to the client requirements the development team
prepare the software and send to the testing department.
the software is called the 'build' and the process of
sending the build from development department to testing
department is called the 'release'.

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