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QTP identifying the child tabs in a maintab like
while using a for loop for these tabs.its not proceeding
from _1 to _2.
How can i use "for loop "

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QTP identifying the child tabs in a maintab like tab_1,tab_2,tab_3,tab_4 while using a for loop ..

Answer / maniram

You can use regular expression in this case instead of using
"for loop"
use any of these
tab_ ..
tab_ .* will take any value

This should be set in the object properties.

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QTP identifying the child tabs in a maintab like tab_1,tab_2,tab_3,tab_4 while using a for loop ..

Answer / amarendra kothuru

For example, If the Tabs are recogized in QTP as
Webelements, and the Tab name starts with "Tab_" and the
number changes then, the following loop may helpful for you.

for var_i = 1 to 4
("innertext:=tab_" & var_i).Click)
Wait 10

I think so... This logic may help you....

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