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TechSoft Interview Questions
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Hi Sudhananda, plz send me the QTP framework with any diagram and PPTS . I want to switch to automatio, I done QTP from professional person, but he does not give me his knowledge properly. so pls help me Thaks send me on following address


difference betwwn 16 bit and 32 bit


how to set class path in java

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hi i want to retrieve the data from one spread sheet to another workbook in EXCEL VBA. for exmp:customer details first name last name location state country country code mobile customer details raj krishna hyderabad andhra india 91 0 service required refrigirator company color details cost warranty service required samsung silver double door fridge 45000 3yeras


i want to retrive data from one spead sheet to another UI (workbook). control will search cell by cell for each row and load the data in another workbook(UI).


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What is SAP TAO? · Which Version you are using? · What is the Latest Version in SAP TAO? · What are the Advantages in SAP TAO? · What are the Patches required for SAP TAO? · What is BPT? · Difference between BPT & SAP TAO? · Which Framework using for SAP TAO? · What is CBASE? · What is the SAP TAO Architecture? · What are the Prerequisites for SAP TAO? · SAP Solution Manager Mandatory for SAP TAO 1.0? · SAP Solution Manager Mandatory for SAP TAO 2.X? · What is UI Scanner? · What is Inspector? · How many ways to Create a components using TAO 1.0? · How many ways to Create a components using TAO 2.x? · Which service pack required for SAP TAO 2.7? · What is Import/Export? · What is Consolidate?


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how can we use the text randomly or circularly in smartforms.... means... suppose i have 'abap' horizantally... but i want it in vertically... how can... plz any body tell me this....


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TechSoft Interview Questions
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