what is quasi-reentrant program?

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what is quasi-reentrant program?..

Answer / bramar

before explaining reentrant programe let us consider an
interactive programe which will take input form user and
which will process the inputs and gives the output

in this interactive process control wil wait for user input
for a long time which means CPU will be idle

To avoid this senorio re entrant programes are designed
It will throw the map to user console and control will not
wait for user inputs and it will process other jobs
and when user give the input and he press the attention key
againg programe will be invoked with the user inputs and
the programe processes the input and it will show the
result on the console and then control will agian goes back
to some other jobs utill it got any input from the user

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what is quasi-reentrant program?..

Answer / manishtrivedi

A quasi-reentrant program is a reentrant program under d
cics environment. that is , quasi-reentrant program is a
cics program which does not modify itself.that way it can
reenter to itself n continue processing after an
interruption by cics which ,during d interruption ,excutes
other cics tasks including cics tasks of d same program,

that is >>for the multithreading purpose program must be
reentrant prog.

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what is quasi-reentrant program?..

Answer / anujah

A reentrant program under CICS. It can reenter and continue
processing after an interruption by CICS which during
interruption executes
other CICS tasks including the CICS tasks of the same

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what is quasi-reentrant program?..

Answer / kumar

Reentrant program is a program which doesn't modifies
itself, so that it can reenter to itself and continues the
processing even after an interupption.

where as in cics this reentrant process is not done fully
only partial amount was done. so it is known as quasi-
reentrant program.

Example : ATM processing.

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what is quasi-reentrant program?..

Answer / deepak

Already Re-entrant is available as a funtionality in OS.
Since CICS is providing the re-entrant facility on its own
apart from OS, its called Quasi-Reentrnat.

Correct me if am wrong

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