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How can we give strong name to assembly? What is satellite

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How can we give strong name to assembly? What is satellite assembly?..

Answer / srilakshmi

To sign an assembly with a strong name, we must have a
public/private key pair. It can be generated by using
sn.exe (strong name) utility.

1. Type the following at the command prompt
sn -k mykey.snk

2. Open the project in VS.NET
3. open solution explorer window, right click on ur project
name -> properties
4. click on the signing tab in the properties page
5. select the "sign the Assembly" checkbox
6. click the dropdown list and select strong name key file.
7. Build the application

Satellite Assembly: is a resource assembly that include
separte resources for different cultures. This assembly
allow a different set of resources to be loaded
automatically based on the culture of the thread.

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How can we give strong name to assembly? What is satellite assembly?..

Answer / fabin rodrigues

Before signing an assembly we have to prepare the strong

Step 1:

Go to Command prompt type---> sn.exe -k "Path for saving
the key"


C:\Program Files\Common files\test> sn.exe -k "D:\test.snk"

the key pair will be generated in the particular location

Step 2:

Click on the Project Properties and Go to signing Tab
And browse for the strong key generated and and sign the dll

Satellite assemblies are assemblies which do not contain
source code. They only contain resource files. You can
create a satellite assembly using rsgen.exe and al.exe.
They are in binary DLL format which makes it easier to ship
it during deployment. So finally during deployment you do
not need to ship the resx files but only the compiled
satellite DLL.

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