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What is the purpose of receiving transactions?

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What is the purpose of receiving transactions?..

Answer / srinivask

In order to receive item into inventory we perform receiving

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What is the purpose of receiving transactions?..

Answer / krishna kumar poojary

The purpose behind the receiving transaction is there is
not be any mismatch between item ordered and item recieved.

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Hi Everyone, I've done my MCom & worked on Oracle 11i FA, GL & AP 3years back. Currently Working on SAP Accounts payable. Total 8 years in Finance BPO's. My dream is join Oracle Apps I read materials & go through interview questions. But, how do I modify my CV to fit the Job & will End User job resp will get any job in Market??? Plz help me, how do I convince interviews that I'm really a valued resource to them. Thanks for all your help.

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