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Payment Methods?

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Payment Methods?..

Answer / kranthioracle

Check --- making payment through manual,quick,payment

electronic--- organisation makes payment through e-commerce
gateway.they send file to bank and bank makes the payment
to the suppier.

wire---A payment method where you pay invoices outside of
Payables by notifying your bank that you want to debit your
account and credit your supplier's account with appropriate

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Payment Methods?..

Answer / latha ummalaneni


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Payment Methods?..

Answer / prasad

4 Types

Cheque - manual payment by a Org

EFT - E Commerce gateway to instruct Bank to pay vendors
with their details of transfer

Wire - A payment outside payables when u pay to foreign vendor.

Clearing - Inter Co payment within ur Business group

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Payment Methods?..

Answer / raghu, sr.technical consultan

Three types of payment methods


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Payment Methods?..

Answer / kumar

there are 4 types payment methods


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