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What is meant by void payments?

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What is meant by void payments?..

Answer / kranthioracle

void means useless.

u can use void funtion after payment of invoice, so when u
void a payament payables automatically reverses the

void payments restrictions
1. when payment paid by third party.
2. when payment got clearence from bank
3. when the related invoices has prepayment to it.
4. partially paid .

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What is meant by void payments?..

Answer / anil s

Void Payment means that once the payment is posted and u
can't edit the entry, In this case you void the entry by
doing reversal and the effect is zero and then you enter the
new entry as per the requirement.

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What is meant by void payments?..

Answer / mahesh

Void Payment :

Void payment is nothing but Cancel the payment.

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