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what is difference betweein qtp 9.0 and 9.2

what is difference betweein qtp 9.0 and 9.2..

Answer / sj

The main difference between 9.0 and 9.2 is OR manager

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1) 100 test boxes there in application. how to click 100 test boxes using vb script? 2) 100 objects there in web page,how we will store that 100 objects repostries?

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when qtp recognizes a web link like (hyper link)wich properties it is going to take to identify the objects unquely? what is Ini file in QTP?

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Can we test the Word Document using QTP Tool? We should test the page size,page set up, paragraph indentation and spacing, font size of the the character int the page.

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At a time how many users can access QTP?

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How to get line numbers in your editor in expert view?

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Can anyone help.i need total excelsheet operations,shortcuts in testing environment from starting onwards....

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what is the difference between Automation object model(AOM) and test object model(TOM)

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I am a new tester that needs to create an automatic script involving security questions. On a webpage I need to select a security question(which are random) from a drop down menu, and then input the answer as the last word from the security question. I have the script set-up to automatically select the first security question from the drop down. The problem I am having is trying to insert the security answer. How do I insert the security answer based on the selection from the security question?

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How to recognise the webelement and verifying that webelement is enabled?

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Can I do Game testing with QTP tool

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Explain how you can delete excel file in qtp?

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the question was on what techonlogy u been working on i said VB then he asked me the addin for VB in Qtp?

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