How to insert screenshot on to the body of outlook?
-1 how to use insert-picture tab in new email outlook to
insert image in the body.
Suggest something.......

How to insert screenshot on to the body of outlook? -1 how to use insert-picture tab in new email o..

Answer / sanjay kardile


You can try the below code. Hope this is help full.

Set objOutlookMail = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")
Set myMail = objOutlookMail.CreateItem(0)
Set myMailProperty = objOutlookMail.ActiveInspector

If myMailProperty.IsWordMail = "True" Then
Set myDoc = myMailProperty.WordEditor
' Insert text and Image in the body of the email
myDoc.Range.InsertBefore Chr(13) + "First line of the text at the bottom of the Image" + Chr(13) + " Second of the text at the bottom of the image"
myDoc.InlineShapes.AddPicture "C:\PrintScreen.png"
myDoc.Range.InsertBefore "First line of the text at the top of the Image" + chr(13) + "Second line of the text at the top of the Image" + Chr(13)

myMail.To = ""
myMail.Subject = "This Mail is from QTP. "
End If

Set myMail = Nothing
Set objOutlookMail = Nothing
Set myDoc = Nothing

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