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SoftTech Interview Questions
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what are the major componets of client server application?


the situation iz like ths -at a specific time in our company the internet connectivity goes off...v hav two networks in our company...but out of it only one link goes down for 5-10 sec...a fastethernet port becomes down for few sec and automatically becomes Up... Is this occures becoz of Power?? If yes thn y the 2nd network is not affected??

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what is different from edit and updates?

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This is scenario based question atht I faced in an interview-"There are 2 systems with SIMILAR H/W and S/W configurations. I opened my gmail account from 1st system and I could open my gmail account successfully & able to operate it without any problem. But when i try to open my SAME gmail account from 2nd PC, I can't access it at all. So what could be possible defect/problem?" (Note that the email ID and password used is valid and correct)

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What are callback functions in c++

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what is mean by defect resolution and its use??

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Hi Friends this is kumar i would like to request to all of you ,please help me to explain real time project with using qtp scripts i know basics of qtp but it won't workout on interviews,pls help awating to reply.


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SoftTech Interview Questions