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Plz can anybody send Informatica and Cognos FAQ
Plz To thid ID

Plz can anybody send Informatica and Cognos FAQ Plz To thid ID ..

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Behave like a Dignified guy

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What is Test load plan? Let us assume 10 records in source, how many rows will be loaded into target?

3 Answers   Logica CMG,

how to load dimension table and fact table. plz tell me the steps.

0 Answers   Cognizant, IBM,

what is the use of Java Transformation in Informatica 8.x?

2 Answers   TCS,

In mapping f.f as one src and f.f as trg,f.f as src and oracle as trg which is fast? mean which is complete first process

2 Answers   Wipro,

Explain about Informatica server process that how it works relates to mapping variables?

0 Answers   Informatica,

Scenario is like this: Name Sal A 10; B 20; C 30; Then Output should be Name Sal A 10; B 20; C 30; Total 60; Use SQL For this scenario

4 Answers   TCS, Wipro,

How to enter same record twice in the target table,explain?

7 Answers  

Had any one faced informatica(ETL/Developer), Datawarehouseing interview in UK. Than plz help me (i have any exprience of 3yrs informatica,datawarehousing,oracle,teradata) 1.hw the procedure will b here 2. wht type of question's they will b asking. 3.In which area they concertate more. since this is the first time im facing interview in UK. plz help will b a great help for me thanks to All in Advance

2 Answers  

What aer the out put files that the informatica server creates during the session running?

4 Answers  

What is a code page?

0 Answers  

wht is full process of Information source to target just like stg to productuon and development

1 Answers   Informatica,

What is substr in informatica?

0 Answers