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What are the differences between OS VS COBOL and VS COBOL

What are the differences between OS VS COBOL and VS COBOL II?..

Answer / saikat kumar das

OS/VS Cobol programs can only run in 24 bit addressing
mode, VS Cobol II pgms can run either in 24 bit or 31 bit
addressing modes.
I. Report writer is supported only in OS/VS Cobol.
II. USAGE IS POINTER is supported only in VS COBOL II.
III. Reference modification e.g.: WS-VAR(1:2) is supported
only in VS COBOL II.
IV. EVALUATE is supported only in VS COBOL II.
V. Scope terminators are supported only in VS COBOL II.
VI. OS/VS Cobol follows ANSI 74 stds while VS COBOL II
follows ANSI 85 stds.
VII. Under CICS Calls between VS COBOL II programs are

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