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what is configuration testing

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what is configuration testing ..

Answer / himanshu

Configuration testing is the process of checking the
operation of the software you're testing with various types
of hardware. Consider the different configuration
possibilities for a standard Windows-based PC used in homes
and businesses:
. The PC
. Components
. Peripherals
. Interfaces
. Options and Memory
. Device drivers etc.

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what is configuration testing ..

Answer / rajesh

How can you differentiate between Configuration Testing and
Compatibility Testing?

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what is configuration testing ..

Answer / ashok parashar limat

configuration testing is the testing of a system with each
of the configuration of software and hardware that are supported

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what is configuration testing ..

Answer / gauri

configuration testing means our application support differnt types of hardware devices or not like as a lan, printers etc it is also known as hardware testing

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what is configuration testing ..

Answer / pavanreddy48

I think configuartion testing is nothing but testing or
executing the build or application over various operating
systems and different browsers.

correct me if i am wrong

Pavan Reddy

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what is configuration testing ..

Answer / it useful to hardware

configuration testing is a harware to give me
job oppurunits.

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what is configuration testing ..

Answer / lokesh chauhan

Configuration testing is the system testing of different
variations of an integrated, blackbox application against
its configurability requirements.

Plz correct me if i m wrong...
Lokesh Kumar Chauhan
Mobile - 09350229669

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