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Which of the following substances exhibit the property of

1 Ice

2 Wax

3 Camphor

4 Ethyl alcohol

Which of the following substances exhibit the property of sublimation? 1 Ice 2 Wax 3 Camph..

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(3) Camphor

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Titanium is purified by 1 Zone refining 2 Electrolysis 3 Van Arkel method 4 Hydraulic washing

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where the 3rd earthsummit held

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Which of the following is in liquid form at room temperature? 1 Cerium 2 Sodium 3 Francium 4 Lithium

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What are reflecting nebulae?

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Which of the following metals react with nitrogen at room temperature to form nitride? 1 Sodium 2 Potassium 3 Magnesium 4 None of these

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we know in mathematics that a matrix is an arrangement (array) of different elements , memebers . Then, how does the movie "Matrix" relate with this concept. In movie "Matrix" we have seen that it shown a war between machines & humans. And we know to operate machines we need code like 0 1 & 1 0 . How ? explain ?

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What is the wavelength of visible spectrum? 1 1300A-3000A 2 3900A-7600A 3 7800A-8000A 4 8500A-9800A

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Name the scientist who has been invited by the Srilankan Governement to have a Study on Employment development?

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Which of the following colors in he visible spectrum has maximum range? 1 Violet 2 Indigo 3 Orange 4 Red

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On what basis Friability limit NMT 1.0%w/w is recommended. what is impact on formulation if this limit exceeds.

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The first synthetic fiber made by man was 1 Rayon 2 Nylon 3 Polyester 4 Terycott

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