how will u know whether ur reported bug is accepted r

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how will u know whether ur reported bug is accepted r rejected?..

Answer / rajendra prasad reddy penumall

hai swetha
defect status will indicates whether
thereported bug is accepted or rejected.

if u are using a bug tracking tool like testdirector or
bugzilla or some other the developeer who is assigned the
defect will change the defect status from new to

if the same defect is identified before then the defect
status is 'duplicate'.

During the developper solving the bug the status will be
changed by developper as 'open'.

if it not a bug because the defect may a software
limitation or hardware limitation then it's status
is 'rejected'.

it there is time to fix the bug or if it is risk to fix
the bug in the end of the project then the developper
postpones the bug fixing to next release ten it is called

if the developper is cleard the reported bug then it's
status is 'fixed'.

setha remember one thing all these things are given by the
developper not by tester.

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how will u know whether ur reported bug is accepted r rejected?..

Answer / siddiq

We will come to know with the status of the bug whether its
accepted or rejected...
or else with bug tracking tool we can easily come to know...

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how will u know whether ur reported bug is accepted r rejected?..

Answer / suneel reddy

if the defect is rejected then dev team will give us
intimate with the proper reasons through e mail or bug
tracking tool if it is accepted then dev team ask 4 screen

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