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what is the difference between formacitical and insurance

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what is the difference between formacitical and insurance..

Answer / debabrata sarkar

pharmaceuticals is delling with the deugs and various
formulation of deugs,wher insurance is delling with the
financial sequrity of wealth as weel as life also.

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what is the difference between formacitical and insurance..

Answer / shaan

pharamacuetical is completely related with cure of human
being through medicine and drug while insurance secure the
life of human being.

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what is the difference between formacitical and insurance..

Answer / rahul

pharmaceuticals has different types of medicine and cure of
human being and show the realtion between doctors and
patients. drugs fight against diseas. where as insurance
provide the financial security and human life also.

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what is the difference between formacitical and insurance..

Answer / punanjay

Pharmaceuticals like as medicine saves & cure life in
alive humans.
but insurance save the life after death related person.

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what is the difference between formacitical and insurance..

Answer / vandana gupta

pharmaceutical means providing drugs for cure means by doing this we secure ur life if
sumthing happen in future..
in pharmaceutical drugs can save ur life but we r nt sure
for that..but by doing insurance we 100% sure that in
future if sumthing happen to us it ll help us by providing
money in time..

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