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What is the Winrunner Framework in your organisation?

What is the Winrunner Framework in your organisation?..

Answer / sateesh

i already submitted any automation frame work before days,so
plz go through that

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list out the some of the exceptions list usually occur while recording and playing the script.

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what is modul? and differ btwn testing and debugging

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how to reverse the string using function

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What is the use of the "Find" Button in Gui Map Editor?

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Which of the following, we cannot include in a compiled module? a)check points b)analog statements c)reporting statemnts

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how you execute the function

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What is context sensitive Recording?

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how to create checklist in winrunner?

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winrunner supports .NET technology or not?

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The GUI MAp Editor or Rapid Fire test are not learning the GUI of any window or any object..The pointer conevrts to hand and everthing hangs till i don't press Ctrl+Alt+Del. Help me!!!

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What is the purpose of loading WinRunner Add-Ins?

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After saving the tsl script of winrunner in TestDirector, if suppose any changes made to the script in ur winrunner would it get updated in TestDirector also???????

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