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What is shadowing?

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What is shadowing?..

Answer / shalini

When two programming elements share the same name, one of
them can hide, or shadow, the other one. In such a
situation, the shadowed element is not available for
reference; instead, when your code uses the shared name,
the Visual Basic compiler resolves it to the shadowing
Shadowing through inheritance is hiding a method of a
base class and providing a new implementation for the same.
This is the default when a derived class writes an
implementation of a method of base class which is not
declared as overridable in the base class. This also serves
the purpose of protecting an implementation of a new method
against subsequent addition of a method with the same name
in the base class.

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What is shadowing?..

Answer / satya

Shadowing :- This is a VB.Net Concept by which you can
provide a new implementation for the base class member
without overriding the member. You can shadow a base class
member in the derived class by using the keyword Shadows .
The method signature access level and return type of the
shadowed member can be completely different than the base
class member.

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