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What is Retesting?

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What is Retesting?..

Answer / lakshmana rekha basu

ok i'm not sure about Suresh's Answer.

unless a tester verifies with all different inputs,testing
is not completed.

In a Real environment of Testing,retesting means:
A tester finds a bug and reports to test lead/developer,
developer fixes the issue,and you can go ahead with your
then the tester verifies the same functionality using same
input which showed the bug,along with all other data
provided to use on this functionality.
this is when you call the functionality is under retesting.

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What is Retesting?..

Answer / poonam

Executing the same testcases with same set of test data to
retest a bug which was already having status Fixed.

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What is Retesting?..

Answer / tarun gupta

ReTesting means validating the bug after the bug is fixed
by the development team.

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What is Retesting?..

Answer / sujatha


Retesting means check whether the bug is fixed or not.

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What is Retesting?..

Answer / manas

Re-testing means Re Testing of the Application. It is not
Regression testing. Regression testing is done after the
successful completion of Re-Testing.

For Example you have an application which is compose of 10
modules. Modules 4,5,10 are interlink means. On your first
phase of testing you find a bug on module 5 which is having
10 test cases.

On your second phase of testing you should first do the re-
testing of the fix bug, you have to re execute all the 10
test cases of the module, i.e Re-testing

After successful completion of re-testing you will execute
all the test cases of module 4, 10 as, the two module is
inter related to the module 5. i.e Regression Testing


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What is Retesting?..

Answer / shravan kumar b

If you can understand the main difference between Re-Testing
and Regression Testing, it makes you better understanding
about the theme of Re-Testing.

I want to explain this with a simple example:

There are 10 modules. say there is a modification in 5th
module. After doing the modifications in 5th module we have
test so that we can find out is that modification is
directly or indirectly effecting the application or not.

So, Testing only 5th module where we got the bug is

Testing entire modules from 1 to 10 is called regression

Please correct me if I am Wrong;

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What is Retesting?..

Answer / ramesha mc

After fix the bug, re test whether the bug which is found
has been fixed or not, is called as Retesting.

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What is Retesting?..

Answer / guest

the reexecution of the test on same application build
with multiple test data is called as retesting.

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What is Retesting?..

Answer / chandru

When a Tester finds a bug in the software, the coder fixes
the bug by making the changes in code.
Now the tester will check the same sceanrio again to see
whether the bug still exists or it is working he
will be exceuting only those failed test cases for that
particular Module which were responsible for that bug. This
is called Re- Testing.

But the changes done in the code will have impact elsewhere
also i.e in the other areas and Modules. So we have to
execute all the test cases to see that the changes done in
the code has not affected the other areas also. This is
called regression testing.

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What is Retesting?..

Answer / bhupendra singh chauhan

Retest the bugs which was reported earlier called Retesting
aka Confirmation Testing. And when we again run all Test
cases then it is called "Regression Testing".

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