What are the technical and environment risks u faced in ur
testing career?

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What is the role of good test engineer?

6 Answers   Wipro,

Scenario :- when we test payment module in the eCommerce site, then how do we verify or actually check transaction failed and the amount will be returned in next few days? i am using pay pal / credit card.

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What test strategy followed in your project?

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What kinds of testing should be considered?

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How to test different Authorization levels for the Admin user and Userside users.

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what is query to see the "user" in SQL Server 2000

2 Answers   Satyam,

As a tester, what is the final report u submitted to ur customer? please write it in tabular form

4 Answers   Wells Fargo,

what appraoch do u use in your organisation to test the new build(tseting approach)?

3 Answers   IBM,

Formal Testing?

2 Answers  

what are the differnent techniques of testing?

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What is the difference between the test plan and test strategy

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What are the Qualities of a Tester?

5 Answers