What is session tracking & methods?

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What is session tracking & methods?..

Answer / vidiyalaithedi

session is the state which holds the user info and helps to
identify the user when the webpage is traversed(getting
into next page of same website)...

ex: once u login in ur yahoomail, ur name is seen in ur
inbox like "welcome raja"..
this is nothing bcoz of session info..

this session state is used to find long time idle and
invoke automatic session state expire process...

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What is session tracking & methods?..

Answer / debendra

when a user visit a website for the first time,the site
create a unique id known as session id,this session id is
unique for the user for that current session.when the user
visit that page next time the web site identify session
belonging to which client is known as session tracking.
by default session id will be given to the
client browser in the form of in memory cookies
variable,browser will submit session id to the website with
each request,based on session id website website will
identify session will belonging to which client and session
data will be given to requested webpage.

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What is session tracking & methods?..

Answer / vallabh naik

Session tracking methods are:
User authorization
Hidden fields
URL rewriting
Session tracking API

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What is session tracking & methods?..

Answer / tapan gupta

Session Tracking" which helps the servers to maintain the
state to track the series of requests from the same user.
Session Tracking info is stored in
- cookies
- URL rewriting
- Secure SOcket Layer(ssl)

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