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Differntiate CMMi and CMMp?

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Differntiate CMMi and CMMp?..

Answer / prabha

these r standards (or) certification of organizations:

SIE/CMMi->Software Eng. Institute/capability Maturity Model
(Carnegie Melon University).it follows 24 kpa...means 24 is for any kind of department or company.

PCMM-> People Capability Maturity Model.(only for
department like HR etc.)

others r:
Six Sigma->Zero defect orientation.e.g motorola

TMM-> Test Maturity model(only for testing team)
CMM->it follows 18 kpa
CMM Level 5-optimizing.
level 4-managed
level 3-defined
level 2-repeatable
level 1-initial(no rules)

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Differntiate CMMi and CMMp?..

Answer / mohan shyam

CMMi stands for Capability Maturity Model Integration. Here
Achieving Quality with the help of Integration is required.

CMMp stands for Capability Maturity Model Planning. here
Configuration Management Master Plan is implemented for
achieving high quality software.

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Differntiate CMMi and CMMp?..

Answer / ravikanth

CMMI statnds for Capability Maturity Model Integration is
an advanced version CMM

CMMP stands for condensed matter and material physics owned
by private company in aproduction they followes ISO
standards for production with some other alterd Quality

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