How can I perform testing of real device by connecting to laptop? Is there any software to access my mobile ?

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How GPRS works?

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Share idea about how to I find the maximum bugs while doing mobile testing?

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Is there any standards to be followed in creating a mobile application?

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what are the mobile software testing tools available in market?

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Where is the APN stored ?

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what happens to agilent tool when mobile connected to it crashes and how to test call forwarding in agilent tool

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could any body plz let me know which is best training institute for telecome testing in hyderabad?

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how to test an application which is developed for multiple languages.. for eg.. a web application which is for English, Chinese,Japanese,french.

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What the difference between web testing and mobile application testing

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how can smoke testing be applied or associated with mobile testing ??

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What kind of testing should we need to perform while testing Mobile app ?

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write test cases for general mobile camera??

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