Registering parametric report?

Registering parametric report?..

Answer / niranjan

Any applications will have two parameters,
1) from-period 2) to-period
a) Go to object navigator and create the parameters.
User parameters  from_no, to_no (data type
char and width 30)
b) Open the report layout and write the query(we have
to reg the table in AOL)
Select empno,ename,from g_emp where empno between
:from_no and to_no
c) Compile and put the .RDP file in the server directory.
d) Registering in AOL.
Concurrent  executable
Concurrent  program then go to ?PARAMETERS?
e) Go to Application  validation set. then go to
After entering the VALUE SETS (1) And TOKENS (2)
f) Go to Administrations
Sequrity  responsibility  Request
h) Add and assign a concurrent program to a request group

Depending on the naming convention used, errors appear in
either alphabetical order or by error code number.

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