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What is the major advantage of Edman’s reagent?

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What is the major advantage of Edman’s reagent?..

Answer / rishu

Enables proteins and peptides to be sequenced.
Pehr Edman introduced phenylisothiocyanate (Edman's
reagent) to selectively label the amino-terminal residue of
a peptide. In contrast to Sanger's reagent, the
phenylthiohydantoin (PTH) derivative can be removed under
mild conditions to generate a new amino terminal residue
(Figure 4–7). Successive rounds of derivatization with
Edman's reagent can therefore be used to sequence many
residues of a single sample of peptide. While the first 20–
30 residues of a peptide can readily be determined by the
Edman method, most polypeptides contain several hundred
amino acids. Consequently, most polypeptides must first be
cleaved into smaller peptides prior to Edman sequencing.

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What is the major advantage of Edman’s reagent?..

Answer / neha

Phenyl isothiocyanate reacts with free amino grp of
aminoacid or peptide under alkaline condition to form
phenyl isothiocarbomyl derivative or peptide which inturn
release water molecule in presence of Hcl to form
phenylthiohydantoin(PTH) & release remainder of peptides
for second reaction.
This reaction is also used to identify N-terminal
aminoacid in protein sequencing method

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What is the major advantage of Edman’s reagent?..

Answer / aarjan sharma (nepal)

the peptide can be sequentially degraded liberating n-terminal amino acid one after anther which can be identified.this is due to the fact that the peptide as a whole is not hydrolysed but not releases pth- amino acid.

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What is the major advantage of Edman’s reagent?..

Answer / harish

edmanns reagent is used for the identification no of amino

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