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what is diffrence between shelf life and expiry date?

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While performing TOC sst analysis Zero shift disabled & sample analysis zero shift enabled why?

0 Answers  

In which cases factor of KF Reaget got higher side

2 Answers  

If we change lenght of ph eletrode wire then it will affect on ph ?

2 Answers  

Why do we use sodium salicylate for Calibration TLC Cabinet U.V Lamps

3 Answers   Matrix, Spar Labs,

What is the use of Holmium (III) Oxide???

1 Answers   Finar Chemicals,

what is the definition of Precision.

4 Answers   Cipla,

only one end point is possible for citric acid and we get 2 end points for di acid why?

3 Answers   Reddy Labs,

According to ICH,India is coming under which climatic zones?

1 Answers   Cipla,

today i am doing calibration of HPLC. when i inject the blank it was going on -ve.(bleow then zero) why?

3 Answers  

what is karl fischer principle and reaction ,describe it

5 Answers   Jubilant Organosys, Microsoft,

what is a drug?

11 Answers   Aurobindo,

what is leading peak in hplc

1 Answers   Cipla,

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