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What is bind package and plan in db2?

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What is an EXPLAIN in DB2. How and what is the steps followed in EXPLAIN command. Can all the queries be used in EXPLAIN command to check the performance.

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Who uses db2?

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How can you compare table column after update and before update?

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What are the various data types available in db2?

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B37 abend during spufi?

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What is a thread?

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What is a clustered index?

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How can you classify the locks in db2?

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Why do chiropractors use drop table?

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What is a dbrm in db2?

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If I have 5 Queries in a DB2 Cobol program , while precompiling how many DBRMs will get created and How many Plans and Packages will get created while Bind Process?

8 Answers   Accenture,

Mention some fields that are a part of sqlca.

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