Name the two types of transient data queues?

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Can you explain dfheiblk?

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How to test CICS, MainFrame applications

12 Answers   Covansys,

What is the most common way of building queue-id of a TSQ? (Name the constituents of the Queue ID).

2 Answers  

How and where is the TWA size set? .

1 Answers   IBM,

How do you set the MDT option to ?ON? status, even if data is not entered?

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Define task work area?

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Which is the control table where you specify all the transaction that are to be started by CICS after CICS

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What is MDT?

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What is the syncpoint command?

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Explain floating maps with illustration.

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Explain how do you handle errors in cics programs?

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what are the thress bms options?

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