When The Low Level Recording is Used in QTP

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When The Low Level Recording is Used in QTP..

Answer / rekha basu

When QTP fails to recognize object in Default mode,we
switch to Low Level recording in order to record on Object

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When The Low Level Recording is Used in QTP..

Answer / uday kumar_anem

We use low level recording when QTP does not identify the
objects in the application, and if the exact coordinates of
the object in a application are required.

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When The Low Level Recording is Used in QTP..

Answer / k suresh

Some of the objects are not recognising in default
recording mode then switch to low level recording. means it
Captures objects , x & y co-ordinates of screen, keyboard
inputs and also mouse clicks.

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When The Low Level Recording is Used in QTP..

Answer / sherry

i run the low level recording, but QTP haltet while runing
script, does anybody know why_?

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When The Low Level Recording is Used in QTP..

Answer / naganath.patil

1.if fails to record in Contact Sensitative
2.if it fails to record in analog recording
3.whem the Object is not identified
4.not use

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When The Low Level Recording is Used in QTP..

Answer / ananth.s

If QTP fails to Recognize the object in application then
the low level recording mode will be used for recognizing
objects in application. In low level recording mode QTP
will recognize the objects as a "Window" or "WinObject".we
can see in Expert View.

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When The Low Level Recording is Used in QTP..

Answer / purni

Hi Uday Kumar_anem ,
how we can get exact coordinates in
the application. And one more doubt is when ever the
appliction cannot recognize the object, as per my knowledge
we have to enable the smart identifier. This will assign
the assisive property to recognize the object, If this
doesn't work we go for the ordinal identifier.If you can
clarify my doubt I would be very thankful.

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When The Low Level Recording is Used in QTP..

Answer / tester

When inputs from Keyboard are needed in test as well as to
capture mouse movements

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When The Low Level Recording is Used in QTP..

Answer / ravi

some times qtp will not recognise non-standards objects,in
that particular time we will use the low level recording to
make as a standard objects..
may be iam not sure.........

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When The Low Level Recording is Used in QTP..

Answer / indrajit

does low level recording record exact mouse operations or keyboard operations?

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