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Question { 23577 }

When The Low Level Recording is Used in QTP


Hi Uday Kumar_anem ,
how we can get exact coordinates in
the application. And one more doubt is when ever the
appliction cannot recognize the object, as per my knowledge
we have to enable the smart identifier. This will assign
the assisive property to recognize the object, If this
doesn't work we go for the ordinal identifier.If you can
clarify my doubt I would be very thankful.

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Question { IBM, 15184 }

What type testings will be conducted at system testing?Who
will conduct each test.


Your are right, but I want to try my version. According to
me system testing is testing the whole application. In
system testing there are 2 types
1. Functional - Testing the functionality of the
2. Non functional - Testing the performance, stress test,
and secutrity test.

Who'll conduct each test?
This is decided by the test plan they prepare. In that
they'll decide who has to test what. And for doing the
performance and stress tests tester should have good grip
on the load runner which is seperate module from the manual
testing and the automation testing.

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Question { Infeneon Technologies, 7487 }

What is Test case coverage?


Test case coverage gives an idea about how many
test cases are executed and how many left.

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Question { 8031 }

what is mean by test environment?


Testing environment means the software flat form
that they used to develop the application.
For ex. Java, C++, Oracle,SQL etc.

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Question { 7872 }

What is the difference between sanity and smoke test?
Please explain with an example.


I agree with Naresh he has given a write answer. Suma redddy
you are wrong. How can we test the application before the build.
Once we get the build first thing we have to do is smoke
testing to check the stability of the application.
Sanity testing is nothing but checking the application for
all the requirement that are mentioned in the document are

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Question { 4372 }

How do you perform regression testing?


Regression testing mean when ever there is a change or bug
is fixed then to make sure that the changes or fixing the
bug didn't affect any other functionality of the
application. To make sure, they run the application again
and again. It's the same thing in performance testing. To
make sure the applications is performing it functionalily
or performance issue they conduct the regression testing.

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Question { TCL, 7642 }

When are you done testing?


Testing is done once the application meets the exit
criteria. Generally exit criteria is defined in the test
plan. While preparing the test plan they define the exit
criteria as no high level bugs, no medium level bugs, no
critical bugs and 1 or 2 small level bugs. If the
application meet this criteria then we can say the testing
is done.

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Question { Syntel, 5595 }

hi testers,one script has three actions , at the of running
three actions are running , how to set run only perticular
action and what is the use of split the action? when it
will be useful?


If you don't split the test in to action, each time
you run it'll run the whole test. which is the waste of
time and efforts.Splitting the action is useful especially
when we parameterize the object.When you parameterize the
object if you don't split into actions the whole test will
run that many iterations.
We can't set particular action to run but we can specify
how many time the particular action should run. This can be
done by selecting the action and right click and select the
action call property and make sure the run tab is selected
and in that you can specify how many times the action
should run.

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Question { 8783 }

what type of questions we can ask the interviewer after
finishing of the interview?


Once your done with the interview, you have to
show them that your interested in working there. So ask them
how many tester they have, what they are expecting from you
and also ask them at what stage is the project.

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Question { Wipro, 11871 }

how do check the links in a webpage ?


Checkpoint all ways matches the test time properties withe
the run time properties. Images and links in the
application are checked by using page checkpoint. But when
recording you need to wait until the page loads fully. If
the page is not loaded fully, after we applied the
checkpoint it'll fail because it'll recognise only few
images and links that are loaded in the application before
the recording.

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Question { Microsoft, 15477 }

How would you deal with a bug that no one wants to fix? Both
the SDE and his lead have said they won?t fix it?


Hi Rad,
If anyone can explain exactly the way you
explained, definitely interviewer will get convinced.

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Question { 8231 }

what is role of the tester in an organaisation and project?
what is the daily work of tester?


Daily work as a tester is first I check my email. If I
have any review or walk through meeting I prepare for that,
if not I'll continue with work I left before day. While
writing the test cases I continue writing the test cases.
While I execute the test cases If any bugs are fixed I make
sure it is fixed and change the status of the bug and then
proceed with the execution of the test cases. Mean while
interaction with the developer is necessary.

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Question { IBM, 103698 }

what is the difference between Test strategy and test plan?


Test strategy comes first. This is the high level
document that describes the approach of the test.In this
they defines time, number of releases etc.
Test plan is a document that defines the object,
scope and focus of the test. This defines scheduling the
testing activity, who is assigned for each functionlity.

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Question { TATA, 20232 }

levels of testing


Hi Venkat,
Thanks for answering in the simple
terminology. I think after unit testing, tester should
begin with the smoke test and should make sure that all the
links are present with out any breaks.

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Question { 9161 }

What is end-to-end testing when we will do that testing?


Hey Neena,
He tried to answer the question. What about
you? Just sitting there and commenting on others mistakes.
It's really bad on your part. If you really know the answer
try to help others.

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