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Explain the use of test director software?

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what are the default addin?s provided by WR

2 Answers  

How will you automate a test case?How will u find a IPconfig of an appln or a machine?

1 Answers   FIC,

what is split function?Give me the syntax?

3 Answers   BeBo Technologies,

What is the different types of Data driven testing?

2 Answers   Synergy,

Does winrunner supports applications with environment Visualbasic 6.0 SQL server 2000.??

2 Answers   Redisolve, Visuals India,

how do to stop the functionality of UDF

1 Answers  

what is the use of Step into option provided in WR?

2 Answers  

what is TSL in winrunner

2 Answers  

hi all this is srivalli i had completed my b.e in 2005, i want to learn anybody plz hep mi wat'll b thr in testing n which is da best institute n how r da job opprtunities right now coz ppl r telling mi thr is sum down trend in sw now, so how much it is appropriate 2 take da course now. thankz in aadv

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in which file Data of a Table is stored for further analysis

1 Answers  

What are the virtual objects and how do you learn them?

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How to recover the Parameter out of range error while running the script in verify mode

1 Answers