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What are new features in Vista / Longhorn ?

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What are new features in Vista / Longhorn ?..

Answer / mandar joshi

1) LUA - Limited user access
2) IE 7 with anti-phishing
3) IIS 7
4) Media player 11
5) In-built DVD maker + Media center
6) Windows Sidebar
7) Aero-glass effect
8) Parental control
9) Bit-locker for drive encryption
10) Windows defender
11) Windows mail instead of outlook express
12) Enhanced search
13) New games are added like chess
14) RDP version 6
15) Windows Photo gallery - allows you to manage, edit and
enhance pictures.

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What are new features in Vista / Longhorn ?..

Answer / xyz

Below is the list of new features in Vista:-

1 Shell & User interface
1.1 Windows Aero
1.2 Windows Explorer
1.2.1 Layout and visualization
1.2.2 Icons
1.2.3 Organizing & metadata
1.2.4 File operations
1.3 Start menu
1.4 Default Programs
1.5 Windows Flip and Flip 3D
1.6 Other shell improvements
1.7 Windows Search
1.8 Windows Sidebar
2 New and upgraded applications
2.1 Windows Internet Explorer 7
2.2 Windows Media Player 11
2.3 Windows Media Center
2.4 Internet Information Services 7
3 Security and safety
4 Management and administration
5 Graphics
5.1 Desktop Window Manager
5.2 DirectX
5.3 Imaging
5.4 Color management
6 AutoPlay
7 Mobile computing
7.1 Power management
7.1.1 Sleep state
7.1.2 Fine-grained power configuration
7.2 Other mobility enhancements
8 New fonts
9 Language support
10 Features for Programmers

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